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Granite has vividly entered modernity’s scenery. These stones are widely employed as dimension stones, foundations of walls, flooring tiles, kitchen countertops, and curling rocks. Being one of the hardest and densest rocks, granite is extensively making its own name in the world of residential, commercial, and industrial constructions capitalizing on its high durability and aesthetic characteristics alone.

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Available in a variety of shades of light brown, beige, and yellow very few natural stones provide the elegance and rich appearance of limestone. The most common surface finish for limestone is matte, making it an excellent choice where moisture may be present, as the matte finish provides for a non-slip surface.

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Marble is one of the most beautiful stones, with a highly polished smooth face and a wide variety of colors. These various colors are due to impurities, such as iron or carbon, getting caught in the marbles structure during formation. They often appear in stripes which makes the marble, especially when cut, very beautiful.

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Quartzite makes for a beautiful addition to your home, giving it an elegant and attractive feel whether as a countertop or in another installation. Quartzite is as durable as it is beautiful and with proper maintenance will bring years of beauty and light to your home.

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Travertine tile is used as floor tile in both residential and commercial settings, as well as a decorative option for wall cladding and backsplashes. Travertine tile has both indoor and outdoor uses, being a durable stone, and can be both functional and aesthetically striking.

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